Chances are you have heard someone in your life express that they don’t want a “big fuss” when they pass away. This could be because they didn’t like to be the center of attention, or they’re concerned about their family paying for funeral expenses.

So why is a funeral important?

  • Almost all major life events are marked by some kind of ritual. Having a funeral acknowledges a death, offers you an official moment to say goodbye, and gives you the opportunity to share memories with other friends and family members. Studies show this can help you in your healing process.
  • Experts also say attending a visitation or funeral service can help you accept the reality of your loss.
  • A funeral service also gives you an opportunity to receive love and support from friends and family.

Regardless of your budgets, wishes, or needs, we can help you plan the perfect funeral or visitation to honor your loved one and bring healing to your family.

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