Children are always welcome at Egizi Funeral Home. But we understand some parents might hesitate before bringing their child to a visitation, funeral, or memorial service. While every parent needs to make their own decision based on what they know about their child, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Many grief experts encourage parents to consider bringing them to a funeral. While your instinct might be to shield them from the harsh reality of death, giving them an opportunity to say goodbye can help them cope with their loss.
  • Attending a funeral can help your child develop a realistic view of death and can even form the basis of how they view loss and death as an adult.
  • If your child was close to the deceased, you might include them in the planning process, such as selecting photos for the video tribute or choosing music for the service.
  • If they do attend, be sure to let them know what to expect at the service, how they are to behave, and that they are free to express their feelings. Children learn by experience, so be sure to express your own emotions in a healthy way.
  • If your child says they do not want to attend a loved one’s funeral, tell them they may regret the decision later, and remind them you’ll be there with them the whole time. If they still do not want to attend, we recommend you do not force them to be there.

Only you know whether or not your child should attend a funeral. But if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our caring team.

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