For many families Camden and Gloucester Counties, the choice of a final resting place is very important. Most people want to find a location that is beautiful, comfortable, and close to family and friends. After all, this is where generations to come will visit to learn more about their roots and who you were.

Additionally, religious beliefs, values, family traditions, and personal preferences come into play. At Egizi Funeral Home, our compassionate team will work closely with you so you can make the choice best for you.

Here are a few of your burial options. Please note that we can arrange a funeral or memorial service with any of these choices.

  • Traditional, in-ground burial at a local cemetery
  • Green or natural burial
  • Above-ground entombment
  • Anatomical donation
  • With cremation: Scattering in a meaningful location, entombment in a columbarium, or personal possession in an urn, keepsake, or memorial jewelry

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