When you’re grieving the loss of a child, Father’s Day is a particularly difficult time of the year. At Egizi Funeral Home, our compassionate staff understands how devastating the death of a child is for everyone involved especially the child’s parents. Whether your child died recently or years ago, the pain is most likely still very present and may resurface on this June Holiday. We recommend managing Father’s Day grief by respecting your feelings, processing your grief as best you can, and planning how you’ll spend the day in advance.

Honor your feelings.
Even while grieving, as a father, you may feel social pressure to acknowledge Father’s Day in some way. Perhaps friends or loved ones invite you to a BBQ or picnic. If you’d prefer not to acknowledge the holiday at all, honor your feelings and communicate them to those closest to you. They’ll most likely understand and respect any decision you make. On the flip side, if you feel up to it, gathering with loved ones on a difficult day like Father’s Day may make you feel less isolated in your grief.

Give yourself time and space to process your grief.
It’s not unusual to feel particularly sad during the weeks leading up to a difficult time like Father’s Day. You may even have days where you don’t feel particularly affected by your grief. Let yourself process your grief in whatever way feels best for you, whether that’s by joining a grief support group or speaking to a professional therapist. Keep in mind that grief will look different for everyone.

Plan the day in advance.
Oftentimes, significant days arrive without us being properly prepared for them. Though it may be tempting to ignore Father’s Day altogether when you’re grieving the loss of a child, you may find it helpful to come up with a plan for how you’ll spend the day. Perhaps seeing family members on the day would help you feel less lonely, or taking a hike on a local nature trail would provide a restorative setting where you can reflect on the day and the loss of your child.

If you’re struggling to manage your grief alone, we recommend seeking professional help to cope with intense loss. Our caring team can help you connect with local grief counselors and therapists in Turnersville. To learn more about our grief recovery services, contact us anytime, 24/7.