Personalization: Show What Made Your Loved One Special

At Egizi Funeral Home, we believe every life in Washington Township, represents a unique story. When it comes time to say goodbye to your loved one, our goal is to help you tell their story in the most meaningful, personal way possible. Our trained staff will spend… Read More

How Grief Rituals Help on Valentine’s Day

Since the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day has been defined as a day specifically for love and affection. At Egizi Funeral Home, we hear from families in Washington Township who say it’s a tough holiday to face when you’ve recently lost someone special. For some, this is the first Valentine’s… Read More

How To Embrace Life During a Season Of Uncertainty

Families in Washington Township, know that life changes are around every corner. With all the uncertainty we’re consistently exposed to it’s possible you may be feeling a bit unsure of what happens next. While no one really knows the answer, we do know that uncertainty can’t be escaped or avoided,… Read More

Can I Wear Color to a Funeral And Other Funeral Etiquette Questions

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8 Tips for Managing Grief During the Holidays

For families in Washington Township who have lost a loved one recently, we know the holidays are going to look and feel different. Our caring team at Egizi Funeral Home see this every day, as we meet with our neighbors to plan funerals and burials. This… Read More

Is Traditional Burial Better than Cremation?

Families have to make many important and deeply personal decisions after a loved one dies, including whether to choose traditional burial or cremation. Often, this decision is a complicated one due to conflicting opinions, religious convictions, and financial considerations. That’s where the professional staff at Egizi Funeral Home comes in. We… Read More

A Tale of Two Funerals: Family Owned V. Corporate

Family-owned funeral homes like Egizi Funeral Home have become harder to find over the years, as large corporations purchase one after another funeral home that was originally founded by a family. But here in Washington Township, our family has been serving our neighbors since 1970 – and we will… Read More

The First 5 Things You Should Do When a Loved One Dies

If someone you love has just died, your head is probably spinning. Your life will never be the same, but there are some very practical things you need to handle. Here are the top five things the team at Egizi Funeral Home knows you need to do after… Read More

How To Offer Support from a Distance

Imagine this situation: Your friend just lost a loved one. You want to do everything you can to offer support, but you live halfway across the country. How can you help when you’re so far away? It’s likely that many of us may have faced this situation over the… Read More

Four of the Most Popular Personalization Options

At Egizi Funeral Home, one of the questions we are often asked is, “How can I make the service for my loved one feel more personal?” This is a question our experienced team welcomes from the Washington Township families we serve, knowing how much a meaningful… Read More