Today is the day we set aside to honor American veterans – those valiant soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen of the U.S. Armed Forces – who all share a dedication to the defense of freedom. For generations, veterans have honored us with this sacrifice, and so all of us here at Egizi Funeral Home take our responsibility to honor them in death very seriously. We work hand in hand with their family and friends to create a personalized tribute that celebrates the veteran’s life, passion, and special moments. There are several meaningful ways to pay tribute to these heroes, and we offer all of these options to our neighbors in Washington Township.

First, upon the request of a surviving family member, all honorably discharged veterans – regardless of rank or whether or not they were on active duty – qualify for military funeral honors. A U.S flag is provided for their casket or urn in honor of their military service and is given to the next-of-kin after the funeral. The military funeral ceremony itself consists of the folding and presenting of the American flag by two uniformed military officers and the customary playing of Taps by a bugler. Additionally, the family of the deceased will receive a special certificate from the President of the United States, known as the Presidential Memorial Certificate. This document further expresses recognition of the veteran’s dedication to his or her country.  Many are also eligible for special funeral and burial benefits due to their honorable service.

In addition to military funeral honors, another particularly good way to highlight a veteran’s life is to create a funeral memorial program.  As part of this program, you can incorporate pictures of him or her in uniform, as well as information about his or her military experience, including years of active service, tour(s) of duty, and any medals or honors received. Many choose to create a memorial program that provides a look at their friend or family member’s life on a deeper level. If that’s your choice, know you can include a few of your loved one’s favorite stories from their time on active duty. This is a wonderful way to highlight the veteran’s special qualities and the impact he or she had on others.

The best gift family and friends can give to a deceased veteran at his or her death is a tribute that truly celebrates who they were as an individual. We can help you create a unique and meaningful service that focuses not on the veteran’s death but the honorable life he or she lived. Contact our supportive staff for more information regarding veteran services.