Time and time again, we hear from Turnersville families who’ve had this experience: After attending a funeral for a loved one, they decide it would be a good idea to express their preferences for their own funeral. After all, it’s common to have more opinions about your own end-of-life tribute than you might expect.

Opinions about what music to play, what readings to include, and whether to have a large gathering or a more private, family-only event.

Opinions about where to hold the funeral itself, and the location of their final resting place. What about cremation versus a traditional burial? Have you thought about having your cremated remains scattered at a location that is meaningful to you? There’s no question that these are important decisions, and it makes sense for you to be the one making them!

There are other decisions to consider. Who should give a eulogy, whether to have a visitation and reception, and how to add personal touches throughout. Think about including a favorite flower, displaying a beloved collection to bring a smile to friends and family, or distributing a keepsake to those in attendance.

At Egizi Funeral Home, we believe every person is unique, and a funeral is an opportunity to express what made a life special. When you put your own funeral plans in place, you’ll have confidence that your personality, passions, and accomplishments are conveyed in your final farewell. This is your unique opportunity to help your loved ones begin the grieving process, as they gather together, share stories and memories, and participate in a healing ritual you designed.

That said, some mistakes can be made along the way. Mistakes like these:

  1. Making decisions too quickly without knowing all your options

Preplanning has never been easier. With our online form, you can put your arrangements in place from the comfort of home. Or you’re always welcome to reach out to us to meet in person. It is important, though, to know all the options available to you. For example, some people want to be buried in another state – perhaps their place of birth or near another loved one. Did you know Egizi Funeral Home is an expert at making this happen? We can coordinate all aspects of out-of-town transfers and work to eliminate duplication of services and fees.

The old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” definitely applies to funeral preplanning, and we want to be sure you’re making informed decisions every step of the way.

  1. Minimizing the importance of preplanning

Many of us have heard a loved one say, “I don’t want a funeral.” Or, “After I die, just take care of things as quickly and cheaply as possible.” Here’s what you need to remember: A funeral brings closure and is an essential part of the healing process. Gathering together with loved ones, paying tribute to the life lived, and offering comfort to one another – this is what helps people accept a death and begin to walk through grief. This is also why expressing your opinions and adding personal touches is so special for your loved ones.

The funeral should reflect how you want to be remembered. If you simply go through the motions as fast as possible – selecting the least expensive options just to get preplanning “over with” – you’ll miss out on an opportunity to give your friends and family the gift of a beautiful memorial.

  1. Failing to ask questions about costs and other details

It’s a common misconception that if you choose to preplan, you also have to prepay. At Egizi Funeral Home, that is not the case. If you’d prefer, we can simply keep all of your preferences on file for when the time comes. There are advantages to prepaying, such as locking in the costs of today’s funeral and taking the burden of paying for the service from your family’s shoulders. It’s important to know the breakdown of costs and what each service entails.  We are planning experts and are happy to answer your questions. Our reputation in the Turnersville area is unsurpassed, and this includes transparency as we help families make decisions for their loved ones – and themselves.

The most important thing is that you get started preplanning. Think of it this way: You plan for every other important event in life, why not your own funeral? Reach out to us today or begin the process online. Trust us – you won’t regret it.